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Anhui Crearo Technology Co.,Ltd
Company Profile Anhui Crearo Technology Co.,Ltd(http://www.crearo.com/english/) is a high-tech enterprise established by USTC and KWE Group headquartered in Malaysia. Possessing more than 100 staff in which 60% R&D personnel hold the masters degree or doctors degree, Crearo owns high-level research and development capability. Relying on rich international capital and market resource of KWE Group combined with high technology of USTC, Crearo keeps technology innovation forever, and adheres to providing the first-rate products and service to its customers. As the technology leader in domestic audio & video fields of network, Crearo always deems it its duty to promote national IT industry, and continuously devotes to the research and development of competitive technology and products with self-owned intellectual property rights. Fully mastering the core technology from audio & video compression algor......
Main Products: DVR, VCR,encode equipment, monitoring video,CMS
Booth No: E3B33
Address 5F,nbspNo.602,nbspHeFeinbspNationalnbspUniversitynbspSciencenbspPark,nbspHuangshannbspRoad,nbspHefeinbspProvince,nbspChina
Zip Code 230088
Tel 0551-5230895
Fax 5230900
Website: httpwww.crearo.com
Email: shaolei@crearo.com