Opportunities of Building intercom system in China



Nowadays, ¡°Smart city¡± is not only the direction of urban development but also an important   thing to national policy .Till now, the investment of smart city building over 1.1 trillion, the total number of smart city construction up to 154, according to the Twelfth Five-Year report from Chinese Government

The construction of "smart city", will surly stimulate the development of a large number of related enterprises, building intercom enterprise should be one of the numerous benefit enterprise. Smart city emphasize ¡°smart, convince and comfortable¡± which is the same concept in coincide with building intercom system, the national attention on ¡°smart city ¡±construction will promote the popularize of building intercom system

 It is reported that , some building intercom manufacturers have been expanded their business to other areas in intelligent community, such as access control, smart parking, monitoring equipment , the mode of integrate community solution will remain that development trend, at the same time, this multi-industry development trend, to some extent, will be helpful to improve competitiveness of enterprises.