Russia Pavilion
Russia Pavilion - One of Big Pavilion in Security China 2016 Pavilion Programs

Security China 2016 International Pavilion Program, mainly to provide a high qualified and efficient  trading and marketing platform for all of global security suppliers who intend to open China big security market, not only make a broad exposure to those China 120,000 intended buyers who are interested in the products from Russia,  but also to directly face to face meet China leading distributors, installers, engineering companies in public safety and security industry of China. 

The Russia Pavilion would be firstly organized in Security China 2016, which would be first-of-its-kind exposition as one of the most important international public safety and security event to bring the China most qualified buyers to meet with the suppliers in the Pavilion. Your participation in the Russia Pavilion would surely multiply your market reach, efficiency and reture in Investment to open China market.  This cross-pollination means you would 100% benefit from the promotion in China.

In addition, Security China 2016, has an unique ability to introduce you the high level management of procurement and distribution department in different industry in Beijing, and  bring in additional professional buyers from allied industry right to your exhibit destination.

Special Pavilion Services

The Russia Pavilion, would finalize all of the work for the exhibitors in the Pavilion in Security China 2016, the Organizer of Security China 2016 would offer the best space location and discounted space rates for Russia Pavilion, the exhibitors in the Pavilion not only to exposure in the exhibition in a short cut, but also to save big cost to understand and promote in China market.

The organizer of Security China 2016, would provide full assists in travel and shipping arrangements, help the organizer of the Pavilion to hire professional interpreters and provides a complete business lounge and meeting area for participants. In addition,  The organizer of Russia Pavilion will take care of all of the other details for you, providing information on the host city and travel tips for the region. You won't have to contact international vendors or make arrangements with the show organizers ĘC The Russia Pavilion will handle it all.

The package includes:

Very good location shell space in Overseas Hall of Security China 2016;

Three sides wall shell scheme;
Chinese and English Company facial;

2 Lighting and electricity;

1 Table and 3 chairs;
Booth carpeting;

Information counter;

Daily booth cleaning;

The organizer would especially reserve a special lounge for Russia Pavilion members to rest and talk about business with VIP partners;

Access to Internet ;

Common storage area;
freight arrangements;

Assistance with hotel accommodations within Russia Pavilion room blocks;
Pre-show assistance by the Organizer of the Pavilion's ;

Company Name Listing in Show Directory of Security China 2016 (per 9-square-meter booth) ;

Company introduction and Product listing in Show Directory of Security China 2016 (per 9-square-meter booth);

Inclusion in independently-printed pavilion directory;
Networking opportunities;

Thank you sir, and if you are a Russia original exhibitor, and have interests to be in the Russia Pavilion, Please do feel free to contact with the Organizer of the Pavilion, The contact information as follows: