Post Show Report of Security China 2012

Review of Security China 2012

Full Name: The 11th China International Exhibition on Public Sate and Security (Security China 2012) Dates: Dec 3-6,2012
Venue: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, P.R. China

IShow Scale:
Exhibition Area: Total 106,800 sq.m Number of Booths: More than 5000 booths
Number of Exhibitors: More than 1400 companies from 27 different countries Number of Visitors: More than 150,000 Persons

IShow Events:
2012 China International Security Forum
2012 Technical Development Summit
2012 Government Forum
2012 Market Development Forum
The 2012 Alarm Operator Services Development Forum
2012 Emergency Escape Excise Activities
2012 Home Security Products Experience Activities
lExhibitior Figures IVisitor Figures
The 5th China International Sourcing Conference and Fair on Public Safety and Security

More than 1400 companies from 27 different countries like United States, Canada , United Kingdom , Germany , Italy, Russia , Czecho, Slovakia, Finland , Hungary, Australia , South Africa , Belgium , the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden , Luxembourg , Israel, Japan , Korea, Singapore, Malaysia , Pakistan , Hong Kong and etc. Among them, the biggest exhibit-delegations from those exhibitors are Korean del-egation , Korea Information Security delegation and Taiwan delegation.

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The Positions and Departments of Visitors who attended Security China 2012:

Korea and Taiwan Pavilions Information:

Korea and Taiwan exhibitors returned to Security China 2012 with their biggest pavilion ever and get the excellent Exposure results for their exhibitors in the show. Now, they have already signed the agency agreement to book the booths ot Security China 2014. and especially enlarged the booth area to meet the increasing demand from their new customers.

The Industrty involved and Products Interests of Visitors in Security China 2012:

              Visitors (Industry Classification)                                                                    Visitors (Product of Interest)

The Featured Show Events in Security China 2012:

1. 2012 China International Security Forum, Summit and Technical Meeting

During the show, we especially organized International Security Summit, Technical Development Summit, Market Development Forum, Government Forum, Alarm Op¬erator Services Development Forum, etc, these ev ents have greatly attract a large number ot audiances, and make them to understand more development trends of China and International Security Industry. The high leaders of U.S. Security Industry As¬sociation, British Security Association and South African Electronic Security Association have attended such event.

2. 2012 China Innovative Products Awards Ceremony

Before the show, our CSPIA hos invited the famous experts in China security industry to make the evaluation and assessment for those new and featured products launched by those exhibitors in 2012, and especially organized the Awards Ceremony for those products after the Opening Ceremony of the show.

3. Emergency and Escape Live Exercise 2012

Security China 2012 firstly launched the event of "Emergency and Escape Live Exercise", mainly to educate the people to successfully escape while the disaster or emergency acci¬dents, and make them avoide the suffering from such disaster. The live exercise would be done by real objects, live pictures and interesting live exercise, to make the visitors person¬ally experience the real situation while the disaster coming, and teach them how to effec¬tively response such disaster to escape. Those companies who provide such emergency products have the opportunity to display their special products and technology which used in emergency communication, escaping from emergency accidents and emergency rescue etc.

4. the 5th China International Security Sourcing Conference (SSC 2012)

Together with Security China 2012, SSC 2012 also held again during the show, which has in¬vited more than 600 international professional buyers from about 45 countries, including America, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Russia, India, South Africa, Iran, Parkistan etc, to face to face meeting with China top suppliers. No other conference delivers such innovation in action from the latest products and technology, OEM / ODM / Buyer Label, and other manufacturing services to let the right distributors and buyers to find the right suppliers in one place at one time.

5. Exhibition Profiles of Security China 2014

Supporting the exhibition displays by individual companies and pavilions, the show organisers arranged a host of industry activities targeted at attracting specific professionals. From professional big buyers in 2012 China International Security Sourcing Conference; to China International Security Forum; China Security Seminar, Export to China Program, Global new products demonstrations.Security China played host to a range of Industry Seminars on subjects including "how to enter theChina market" to "New Security Products Awards".

Taking this opportunity we would like to express our thanks to all exhibitors and visitors contributing to the success of Security China 2012. We look forward to seeing you at the Security China 2014 exhibition in China, and hope all of our exhibitions and services would greatly promote you to open China public safety and security market in short time.