Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC)is a Washington D.C. based international market ‎research and strategic consulting firm serving the Homeland Security and Public Security ‎communities. HSRC provides premium market, present & emerging technologies and industry ‎expertise, enabling our global clients to gain critical insight into the business opportunities that ‎exist within the Homeland Security & Public Security markets. Government clients include the ‎U.S. Congress, DHS, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, NATO, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Canada, ‎Germany, Australia, Sweden, Finland, and Singapore; DOD, DOT, GAO, and the EU are among ‎others. HSRC serves over 650 private sector clients, including all major defense and security ‎contractors and many Fortune 500 companies. 70% of our reports are acquired by ‎repeat ‎customers.‎