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China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security

China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (Security China) is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the P.R. China  and organized by China Security and Protection Industry Association (CSPIA). Since 1994, the Security China has been held for 14 times in Beijing. After more than 20 years of development, Security China has become an international exhibition brand in security industry that include product exhibition, industry forum, business negotiation, technology popularization, and technology promotion activities.


The 15th China International Exhibition on Public Safe and Security (Security China) ) will be held in New China International Exhibition Center, on 21th-24th October, 2020 in Beijing. Security China always adhere to purpose of showing advanced technology, leading the development of the industry, serving the market demand, and popularizing security knowledge. Security China 2020 will continue to adhere to this concept and will focus on the theme ofInnovation Driving Technology Leading Empowerment Security. In addition to comprehensive display and promoting new technologies and products in the security industry. Security China will hold a number of forums at the same time. For example, China Security Summit Forum, China Security International Summit Forum, China Security Technology Development Summit, as well as innovation product recommendation, industry solution recommendation, new technology or product launch conference.

n  Exhibition Scale Reached a High record

In 2018, the total exhibition area was over 100,000 square meters, and the number of booths reached more than 5,000. It had attracted 953 security companies from all over the world. Professional visitors more than 170,000 people, the total number of foreign visitors exceeded 20,000. The internationalization of Security China has steadily increased.

n  Show High-end Technology and Product

Security China 2018 has a total of 8 exhibition halls. The exhibition covers a wide range of digital, integrated and intelligent technologies and products. It provides comprehensive and multi-angle representation of the application and development of intelligent security technologies in all areas of social public safety. Among them, more than half of the number of booths for artificial intelligence and video surveillance, including artificial intelligence (AI), Internet, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, finance and communications, etc., especially the industry's popular human biometrics, Behavior recognition, speech synthesis, and intelligent security robots, drones, and smart policing.


n  Featured Exhibition Area Highlight in the Show

In order to highlight the important role of the security industry in the construction of social and the maintenance of social stability, Security China will set up seven special exhibition areas. While fully demonstrating traditional security products and technologies, it has further strengthened the cross-border industry cooperation, such as the integration of artificial intelligence with the security industry.


n  Security China Forum has received much Attentions

Four high-end forums in the same period to focus on the latest technological innovations and achievements in the security industry. We discussed the development and changes, policy environment, application results and development trends of China's security industry, attracting more than 400 domestic and foreign industry experts and scholars.


n  Security China Award to Help Industry Development

Security China will continue to carry out Security China Award such as innovative product recommendation and excellent industry solution recommendation to support the development and innovation of the security industry.